Global Flooring Manufacturer Brings Companies Together Under One Roof As HMTX Industries


NORWALK, Conn., June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — HMTX Industries, a $seven hundred million international floors producer, today introduced it’s been officially hooked up to bring its existing circle of relatives of diverse and growing agencies collectively beneath one roof for the primary time. As a fourth era, a privately-owned powerhouse within the flooring space, uniting its signature manufacturers beneath this new singular entity is meant to assist capture and convey the shared imaginative and prescient values and spirit of each of its member organizations.

Global Flooring Manufacturer Brings Companies Together Under One Roof As HMTX Industries 1

The HMTX own family of organizations, every of to hold to operate their respective businesses as traditional, is comprised of those 5 towers:

Halstead, the leading provider of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and vinyl plank floors (VPF), one of the pinnacles appearing classes, to The Home Depot in each us and Canada
Metroflor, the signature residential logo for HMTX in North America, representing one in every of the largest assortments of fine LVT within the industry
Teknoflor, a chief manufacturer and distributor of excessive-performance floors products centered on healthcare and institutions
Aspecta, a high-quit international settlement brand for architects and architects
Vertex, the foundation of the international delivery chain for HMTX

“Today marks an interesting evolution in our enterprise’s long history, allowing us to leverage the strength of our combined employer to further beef up the relationships we experience with our customers and vendors,” stated Harlan Stone, Group CEO for HMTX Industries. “Together, those brands encompass our center values of integrity, accept as true with, reliability, loyalty, and honesty primarily based on a deep commitment to exceptional, innovation, sustainability and transparency. It is that this spirit that has stimulated tens of millions of people around the arena to put in our flooring.”

As a part of the leadership team assembled by using HMTX, Rochelle Routman will serve as the organization’s Chief Sustainability Officer. John Henkel will function as Chief Financial Officer, and Tiffany Davis will serve as Director of Corporate Communications.

HMTX Industries has displayed a commitment to transparency and sustainable commercial enterprise practices thru its long-time period of involvement in product development and production in Asia. Each of the business enterprise’s Chinese production partners has done the JUST social transparency label, with the Zhangjiagang facility turning into the first Chinese manufacturing unit of any type to get hold of any such designation and the primary such label for an LVT flooring manufacturer. To get hold of the JUST trendy, a business enterprise must be rated on a wide variety of metrics such as protection, range, employee advantages, and community engagement.

About HMTX Industries

HMTX Industries is a worldwide luxurious vinyl tile (LVT) manufacturer whose brands carrier a numerous pass-phase of the construction market. Headquartered in Norwalk, CT, and doing enterprise in more than 40 nations around the sector, the HMTX own family includes Halstead, the leading supplier of LVT to The Home Depot; Metroflor, it is the signature residential emblem in North America; Teknoflor, its centered healthcare and institutional logo; Aspecta, its high-give up global contract emblem for architects and designers; as well as Vertex, the muse of the worldwide supply chain for HMTX.Finished floors

Ah, the finished ground, what we see and walk on ordinary. For owners, this tends to be one of the greater vital factors of the ground system. Yes, the structure is attention. However, the appearance and texture of the ground are all to be visible after production is finished. The most common ground finishes consist of vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, wooden strip, wood parquet, and carpet.

Most popularly used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry regions and entryways are vinyl sheet or linoleum floorings. This flooring sort comes in a wider array of colors, textures, and styles, in sheet sizes of 12-foot widths with varying lengths, and made from a vinyl composite, covered with a floor coating. It is installed by applying masking over the sub-ground, normally mahogany or particle core sheets 4’x4′ in length, to which the vinyl is glued. It also can be hooked up without delay onto concrete flooring in areas consisting of basements. Joining two sheets collectively is a trendy practice whilst the room width exceeds 12′, or beneath doors. Sheet vinyl is a good flooring in regions where water tends to accumulate, like round toilet furnishings or at entry methods. It is fairly durable, and often protection lose. Linoleum is one of the cheapest forms of floors to install.

Another precise flooring for wet areas is the vinyl tile. Typically it is synthetic in plenty the equal way as sheet vinyl. However, it is a great deal extra inflexible and is derived as 12″x12″ rectangular devices. They have hooked up within the lots in an equal manner but require skilled tradespeople familiar with the right setup. A desirable installer will start from the middle of the room to ensure that everyone cut tiles are identical in width at opposing partitions. One advantage to this sort of floor, over sheet vinyl, is that it may be set up, without the hazard of joint separation, over large areas. For this cause, it’s miles often utilized in industrial homes where big rooms are the norm. Vinyl tile can also be easily hooked up at once to concrete floors. Like vinyl sheets, it is proof against water and tends to be installed inside the areas of a building, liable to water accumulations. Tile can be wiped clean without problems, notably preservation loose, and cheaper completed flooring to put in.