Gardening allows women at Akron network based correctional facility


A spring garden is shooting up in a place you wouldn’t count on, and the ladies tending to it believe it is changing their lives.

Clients on the Cliff Skeen Community Based Correctional Facility in Akron collaborated in a 12-lesson gardening venture that incorporates growing potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, strawberries, and beans.

On Thursday afternoon, several women acquired a certificate, lawn gloves, and a develop kit to take home upon their launch from the facility.

The pilot program entails a team of workers from Let’s Grow Akron and the OSU Extension Center and a workforce from Oriana House.

Each session covered training on gardening concepts and making use of what become learned in the real lawn.

The mission contributes to analyzing the advantages of gardening in correctional facilities. For you to be similarly advanced via a modern partnership with school and college students inside the University of Akron’s sociology department.


Angie Norris, forty-one, who become sent to a facility for what she called alcohol-related and home violence expenses, said the gardening undertaking had made the main impact on her existence.

“Actually being capable of seeing this new lifestyle grow, it’s gonna help me grow my new existence in healing,” Norris stated. “Just due to the fact we made a mistake would not mean we’re a mistake. We are an introduction similar to these creations, and we deserve that threat.”

A key point of the challenge is to show the girls how to spend their time productively and that gardening is a way to spend extra time with their own family and far away from trouble.

“We labored collectively as a crew, and we built teamwork,” said any other patron, Amanda Hayko. “Teamwork sincerely does make the dream paintings.”

Rebecca Erickson, a sociology professor at the University of Akron, stated college students would hold to look at the method, be a part of an interview system, and look at methods to develop the project transferring forward.

“The purpose is so that it will apply for providing investment doubtlessly from the USDA to make this an excellent practices model for the kingdom genuinely,” Erickson stated.

The Cliff Skeen CBCF is a 70-bed facility for female prison offenders who want long-time rehabilitative programming up to a hundred and eighty days. The application also accepts misdemeanor offenders convicted of the city of Akron municipal ordinances who want comparable programming.

Buddhas in Gardens

Statues and photos of the Buddha have been positioned inside the grounds of temples and gardens due to the fact historic times, and gardening has robust associations with Buddhism:

It is thought that;

The Soil of the lawn represents the fertile floor of Buddha’s Mind. A Sangha (Pali for Buddhist community) is the same as the community of vegetation in the lawn. Dhamma (teachings of the Buddha) is the expression of awareness inside the Temple – Garden.

If a lawn can appear as a thought, then:

Paths constitute the approaches to enlightenment. The soil represents the nation of our very own inner Karma. Its planting represents fertile and blossoming thoughts. The converting seasons constitute the converting moods of the mind. Eastern tradition also suggests that the Buddha has to now not face south, as associated with Yama, a Hindu god, and decide of the dead. North is the favored route while placing Buddha statues on the lawn.