Four Affordable Alternatives to Wood Flooring That Look Just Like the Real Thing


Wood floors might be referred to as the gold standard of floors. It looks stunning in any domestic; tendencies like hardwood floors in kitchens had been popular choices for years, and there’s a huge kind of wood floor types and patterns available. But timber is likewise one of the maximum luxurious varieties of flooring and isn’t continually the most durable, particularly if you have young kids or pets. Fortunately, like refinishing kitchen shelves, refinishing wood flooring is constantly an alternative.

For everybody making plans to live far away from wooden completely, although there are numerous types of wood flooring alternatives available that provide you with the look of wood at a decreased cost. Some of those alternatives also can be less liable to put on and tear than hardwood floors, and they’re regularly easier to easy and hold. Here are some of the most not unusual alternatives to wooden flooring—one may convince you to allow that dream of hardwood floors to move.

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Laminate wood floors

This is one of the most famous wood flooring options because laminate is a smooth dupe for hardwood. An excellent laminate can even be wrong for wood, both in terms of its looks and how it feels underfoot. The fee variety of laminate timber flooring can vary from without a doubt cost-effective all of the manners to very high quit—understand that, in terms of appearance, you’ll typically get what you pay for.

Laminate is crafted from distinct layers of particleboard wooden with a sealed photographic layer on top. Laminate installation is the same as timber ground set up, with every board joined thru a tongue and groove joint. While extra long-lasting than hardwood, it’s crucial to recognize that laminate is thinner and, if damaged, cannot be sanded down like wooden.

Engineered timber flooring

Engineered timber floors are much like laminate wood flooring in that it has a couple of layers. But, as opposed to a photographic layer on the pinnacle, there’s a thin slice of real wooden. The layers beneath are frequently made of plywood. Unlike laminate wood floors, engineered timber can be sanded down, but it may most effectively be executed a couple of times in the product’s life. While nicely-maintained stable wood floors can final for generations, engineered timber floors received’t closing pretty that lengthy. But if it’s well-cared-for, it received’t wants to get replaced at the least twenty years. (Some engineered wood floors can last as long as 100 years, however, don’t expect that for your floors.) The manner of cleansing engineered timber flooring is similar to how to smooth timber floors, so you gained’t necessarily get a simpler time caring for it.

Wood tile flooring

Wood tile flooring has grown to be hugely popular in current years. It’s exactly what it sounds like: tile flooring that looks as if wood, however, isn’t made of wood at all. Generally, it’s made from either ceramic or porcelain tile. (Learn approximately the differences between porcelain vs. Ceramic tile right here.) Tile flooring is environmentally sustainable, long-lasting, and much less high-priced than hardwood, laminate, or engineered timber flooring. It’s additionally leading to wood for rooms like bathrooms, where humidity can cause warping.

Wood tile may be indistinguishable to the eye from actual timber, so long as the grout strains are skinny. Thick grout can be a lifeless giveaway. These fake wood floors also feel unique underfoot than other timber flooring alternatives. You must be careful not to drop something heavy on this form of flooring because tile can crack and chip, though it is plenty less difficult to replace a tile than a slat of hardwood.

Vinyl wood flooring

One of the most not unusual varieties of faux timber flooring is vinyl. Made of 100 percent plastic, this artificial material can appear just like wood but no longer continue. It is one of the most cost-powerful flooring varieties and is extraordinarily immune to moisture, making it best for bathrooms and laundry rooms.