Forbo’s Flotex Colour flooring is designed to enhance wellness in the workplace


Dezeen promoting: floors manufacturer Forbo has launched a new range this is designed to improve the environmental and wellness performance of places of work.

The Flotex Colour range combines the warmth, comfort, and acoustic houses of fabric floors with the sensible and hygienic artificial fabric concerns.


The flocked floor variety has extremely-low risky natural compounds (VOC) emissions and zero phthalates and additionally holds the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

“When designing a workspace, there are many considerations to ensure the surroundings positively influence on employee productivity, delight, health, and well-being,” stated Forbo.

“Forbo Flooring Systems is, therefore, making an investment time to recognize how special environments can affect end customers so that you can broaden merchandise that may create better interiors.”

The basic color scheme of the gathering takes its cues from smart cities, with each of the floor designs combining the pared-lower back colorings of homes with vivid pops of coloration “stimulated with the aid of town lighting.”

Designed to healthy with any office interior, the Flotex Colour collection is available in 5 distinct designs: Metro, Penang, Calgary, Savannah, and Canyon, brought to the collection in 2019.

As its name indicates, the brand new addition to the collection, Canyon, is “inspired through herbal earth and rock” and has a heavily grained ground designed to have a distinctive texture.

Each of the flooring designs is available in planks, sheets or tiles, to allow for extra flexibility and layout freedom and to work with raised get right of entry to flooring in workplaces.

In general, the collection is to be had in ninety-six one-of-a-kind sunglasses. An extra sixteen shades were delivered to the Metro layout, with six brought to Penang and four every to Calgary and Canyon.

Forbo manufactures the Flotex Colour range in a manufacturing unit within the English city of Ripley, Derbyshire, one among 15 manufacturing sites worldwide.

Other designs using the brand encompass a range that references Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh’s artworks, the Flotex Vision series.
Floor burnishers, buffers, floor polishers, and scrubbers can dramatically rework almost any flooring surface. Below is a breakdown of the flooring surface these floor cleaning machines are ideally designed for:

Vinyl or PVC flooring

Vinyl is a type of resistant floor that’s waterproof and hard-wearing. This sort of flooring can generally be cleaned without difficulty enough with conventional techniques. The troubles with cleaning vinyl flooring rise whilst persistent stains, or other difficult to put off substances, begin to appear that can’t be so effortlessly wiped off, for instance, gum.

Cleaning this sort of persistent substance off the vinyl and PVC floors require using the proper gear to accomplish this without adverse the floor inside the procedure. This is in which ground polishers and buffers come into their very own. The ground polisher pads permit chronic substances to be eliminated without leaving scratches on your floors after cleaning.

The floor pads extension to the floor polishers needs to be used for vinyl or PVC floors.

Linoleum floors

If Linoleum is washed in preference to polished, it can seem instead dull and fade very quickly. This decoloration occurs as the colors in the Linoleum flooring literally get washed out of the floor at some point in a cleansing manner.

To preserve your Linoleum floors, searching for it is nice for longer Linoleum preferably needs to be polished with the use of a floor polisher. Polishing Linoleum floors will no longer wash the color out of the floor, and as a result, your floor will maintain the shade locked inside, preserving its colorful look for longer.