Faulty Roofing Jobs Frustrate New Oswego Homeowners


Buying a new home often comes with peace of thoughts, and every so often a roof home assurance.

But, several house owners in a single suburban community are furious after having to deal with pricey roof maintenance.

Now, those homeowners are reaching out to the CBS 2 Investigators for assist.


Amy Martino recounts the nightmare she’s had to cope with considering that purchasing her new home. She says her shingles are coming loose.

Another owner of a house coping with the same hassle said roofing troubles had been sudden, given the new condition of his residence.

“You don’t count on principal repairs in the first 10 years or so,” T.J. O’Hanlon said.

O’Hanlon has greater than $1,2 hundred in out-of-pocket payments he’s paid for the roofing maintenance.

Pulling out one of the payments, he says it’s his fourth one.

In March, O’Hanlon’s neighbor took a video of his roof shingles blowing in the breeze.

The defective roofing continues to be visible months later. Blue tarps cover his and numerous of his buddies’ homes.

Roofing repair specialist Dean Helfers stated he’s made 32 roofing upkeep at some point of the past three or 4 weeks within the equal especially new Oswego community.

“I’ve never seen it where you’ve had to make multiple maintenances on today’s roofs,” Helfers stated.

Shingles ought to live fixed to every different and the roof for at the least 15 years if they’re installed successfully.

Helfer says the blown-off shingles show the signs of insufficient installation.

“Here’s a bottom shingle–it’s nailed too high,” he stated, pointing to a defective set up. “High nailing can reduce the power of seal, ensuing in loss of adhesion.”

Martino stated she thought her roofing issues in shape the definition of a construction disorder spelled out in her 10-year domestic guarantee.

“If stuff changed into no longer nailed down correctly, it must be on them,” Martino stated. “There’s no way it is able to be just because there has been a wind hurricane that got here via.”

It’s cited in a brochure on the roofing business enterprise’s website that the roofs are made to face up to winds of at least 110 miles according to an hour.

Weather statistics for March, when house owners say the modern harm came about, indicates the highest sustained wind speed clocked in at 41 miles in step with hour. The strongest gust became 60 mph that month.

The builder has refused to cover the maintenance.

“I feel like they should be the ones to repair it and they’re refusing,” Martino stated.

Since CBS 2 took a video of the roofing issues, four homeowners have acquired new roofs, which were paid for by coverage.

They nonetheless footed the invoice for their deductibles, but, due to the fact, the builder denied the guarantee claims.

Residential building codes also require roofs to resist wind speeds of eighty-five miles in keeping with hour.

After our phone calls – the builder, K. Hovnanian, has agreed to take a second look at the homeowners’ claims.

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