Ernest Angley’s Cathedral Buffet


Part of televangelist Ernest Angley’s assets off State Road in Cuyahoga Falls, the Cathedral Buffet’s web page, remains scheduled for a sheriff’s sale Friday morning with a starting bid of nearly $2.Nine million.

The belongings retaining the previous restaurant and studios for WBNX (Channel 55) at 2690 State Road changed into placed up for auction after Angley’s Winston Broadcasting Network Inc. Defaulted on a $three.6 million loan to Beck Energy Corp. Beck Energy, an oil-hire organization primarily based in Ravenna, has a properly on the Grace Cathedral web page.

The nearly 6 acres are appraised at $4.33 million. The establishing bid is -thirds of the appraised discern, or $2.89 million.

Selling Property

As of Tuesday, bidding was scheduled to begin at 10 a.M. Friday on the first floor of the Summit County Courthouse on South High Street in downtown Akron.

Efforts to touch lawyers for Beck Energy and Angley on Tuesday have been unsuccessful.

If the property fails to promote at this week’s auction, it’ll move up for bid on June 21 without a minimum bid requirement.

The belongings are after Ernest Angley Ministries and Grace Cathedral Inc. At State Road and Portage Trail.

Beck Energy sued Winston Broadcasting in 2017 in Summit County Common Pleas Court, announcing the broadcasting organization had defaulted on a $three.6 million mortgage made in 2013 from Beck Energy. The court docket in 2018 agreed that Winston Broadcasting had defaulted and the property will be foreclosed upon.

Cathedral Buffet closed in 2017 after a U.S. District Court verdict on a U.S. Department of Labor complaint that resulted in the restaurant being ordered to pay $388,000 in returned wages and damages to more than two hundred congregation participants who had labored on the restaurant.

Angley effectively appealed the case to the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, but the Cathedral Buffet has not reopened.

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