Developers of unlawful colonies to stand action


Landowners and asset dealers engaged in growing unlawful colonies are likely to face strict criminal action. The Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) has directed its officers to demolish the newly developed colonies and vigorously pursue criminal action against violators.

The department has also decided that the instances filed on the troubles could be followed up strongly so that they can be resolved logically.

KM Pandurang, the director of DTCP, said on Tuesday that he has been journeying Gurugram weekly to ship a strong message that improvement of colonies without licenses might no longer be allowed. “This is a crook activity, and lakhs of rupees from a purchaser are taken on the promise that they can build a residence on a plot of land without permission. If allowed, such colonies take a heavy toll on water, power, and other infrastructure, as these aren’t a part of the plan. Because of this motive, the government has come up with affordable housing,” he said.

The director also said he had issued instructions to perceive instances where crook instances had been filed against violators to be accompanied up within the court. “We might be relentless in our pressure towards folks duping harmless buyers,” he stated.

Ved Prakash, DTP enforcement, said they have executed demolition drives in 60 such colonies over the past six months. “We have filed 30 criminal cases in opposition to the developers at diverse police stations, and strict action is being taken towards those human beings,” he said.

The branch has asked the authorities and businesses involved to ensure that basic utilities, including water, strength, and sewerage connections, are not given to these colonies. “We have asked the revenue authorities to prohibit registration of sale deeds and requested for the restoration of money for sporting out the demolition,” said Prakash.