New Galaxy Note 10 Design Leak Will Anger Everyone


In a new one of a kind, the continually rigorous Android Police has learned that the Galaxy Note 10 will no longer have any bodily buttons while Samsung is likewise eliminating the headphone jack. Both decisions are possible to anger the Note’s middle customer base.

Expanding on an apparently not likely leak again in March, Android Police managing editor David Ruddock states he can “now offer stronger affirmation” that Samsung will update all outdoors buttons (power, volume, Bixby) with pressure-sensitive areas to be highlighted with both a raised bump or texture alongside the edge. HTC’s U12+ attempted this, and it was a catastrophe.

Galaxy Note 10

As for the headphone jack, it appears Samsung is eventually bowing to industry pressure. But to accomplish that first at the Galaxy Note 10 is absurd. The Note range has a passionate following and is liked due to its giant capability and practicality. It’s a commercial enterprise cellphone, and it’s miles insanity to debut function cuts and experimental designs on a flagship enterprise device.

Combine this news with the Galaxy Note 10’s unpleasant new digicam and a tiny battery given its big new display, and there’s a whole lot of pressure for Samsung to supply on its current charging, next-gen internal tech, and Verizon-confirmed 5G version.

How UNICEF Helps Mothers In Côte d’Ivoire Stay Vigilant Against HIV

A crucial part of UNICEF’s venture is to ensure that prone women get the fitness care and guidance they want during pregnancy and childbirth. That consists of early trying out and remedy for HIV — to shield the mother’s lifestyles and baby’s.

UNICEF’s efforts — to inspire girls to seek prenatal care, get tested for HIV, and, if positive, begin remedy with antiretroviral tablets — have helped lessen HIV incidence in Côte d’Ivoire and different countries wherein the chance of infection remains excessive.

In Côte d’Ivoire, ARVs are loose and available to absolutely everyone who wishes them, and the price is protected using the authorities. And trying out fantastic for HIV is now not a demise sentence. Another purpose UNICEF is operating in the direction of doing away with the stigma that regularly comes with a diagnosis, to inspire women who may be exposed to searching for help.

Doumbia, who’s HIV high quality, went to a UNICEF-supported sanatorium in Odienné, Côte d’Ivoire, for her prenatal checkups whilst pregnant together with her fourth infant. She remembered getting to know of her HIV status after being examined at the same time as pregnant along with her 1/3 baby years before. “I cried, and I become afraid, however then the nurse advised me to take the medication they prescribed, and I did,” she informed UNICEF. After her son was born, he tested negative for HIV. Seven months into her fourth pregnancy, she said, “I am not afraid anymore.”

Testing for HIV is a lot simpler now and can be achieved at maximum clinics as part of a recurring checkup. Previously, the mother and father could wait until the toddler turned 18 months antique, and getting the check consequences would take weeks. “That’s an agonizingly long time to wait to discover whether your infant wishes to be handled for HIV,” says Amanda Reffsin, who covers these issues as a member of the UNICEF USA international packages and humanitarian reaction group. “And we understand within advance remedy comes a drastically higher threat of survival.” Without spark off remedy quickly after starting, one-1/3 of kids dwelling with HIV will die by age 1, and half via age 2.

During the latest go-to Port Bouet Hospital, about an hour’s force outdoor Abidjan town, Reffsin becomes capable of observing these upgrades to the technique — large advocacy wins for UNICEF and its companions — firsthand. She recalls sitting quietly with a younger mother who changed into retaining her child in her lap even as a clinician drew blood from the child’s foot.

“It took five minutes,” Reffsin stated. “When the results got here again — the infant had tested negative — I saw the mom’s face immediately melt and her frame relax. It clearly moved me, thinking about UNICEF’s role in all this, helping to position that mother’s thoughts secure. Many greater clinics are ready to try this now.”

Across the world, ladies have disproportionately borne the effect of HIV as caregivers and recipients of care. In sub-Saharan Africa, the area with the greatest range of human beings residing with HIV, 60% of people dwelling with HIV are ladies. Adolescent ladies and younger girls are in particular impacted. Without effective prevention of HIV, it may be possible to skip along with the virus to their infants, persevering with the cycle of contamination to the following technology. In Women: on the Heart of the HIV Response for Children, UNICEF examines HIV and AIDS throughout the lifecycle — in being pregnant and infancy, youth and early life — and the crucial role of women in retaining youngsters blanketed.

UNICEF’s work in HIV is simply one way the business enterprise strives to improve maternal health for prone ladies. UNICEF also supports public awareness campaigns urging women to peer a medical doctor at the same time as pregnant and to deliver at a facility with a skilled delivery attendant — each of which can be key to improving the chances of a secure and healthy beginning. And UNICEF backs “educate the teacher” packages aimed toward permitting fitness carriers to manage existence-threatening headaches, including postpartum hemorrhage (immoderate bleeding). PPH is preventable and treatable, but the situation affects 14 million ladies globally each yr, with 99% of instances going on in developing countries. Severe bleeding after the start is the biggest direct purpose of maternal deaths.