Flooring Of Multiple Deptford Township Schools


A probably risky chemical has been observed in greater South Jersey colleges. Mercury was recently located inside the flooring of a few Deptford Township college buildings.

This comes after the Washington Township School District additionally observed mercury in numerous colleges a few months ago.

Deptford School District Superintendent Arthur Dietz says a few college gymnasiums and cafeterias are closed after mercury became detected in sure floors in three faculties.

Flooring Of Multiple Deptford Township Schools 1

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Shady Lane Elementary, Central Early Childhood Center, and Pine Acres Early Childhood Center all had a few rooms that examined high-quality mercury vapor.

“We need to err at the aspect of caution; we want to be extremely conservative with the health of our college students. Rather than take any chances, we just quarantined the regions,” Dietz stated.

Some dad and mom say the Deptford School District did a terrific task informing them of mercury detection letters.

“They took the essential precautions I experience through setting them in every other place so that it will check out,” stated Ryan Riegel, whose infant attends Shady Lane Elementary.

“We are thrilled that during Deptford, the district is operating closely with the nearby affiliation to deal with this trouble quickly,” said the New Jersey Teachers Union in an assertion.

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Other mother and father wonder why the mercury changed into mixed into the floors at all in Deptford Township, and eight faculties in close by Washington Township first observed returned in April.

“I don’t have any idea what their remedy is for that,” said Christina Gulliver.

Eyewitness News has requested the Deptford School District for the businesses that established the floors laced with mercury, and we are still looking ahead to an answer.

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