Creatives! MINI want you to create an insane outside layout


So, 2019 marks two VERY essential milestones.

This year, MINI is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. Yep, our favorite little vehicle with lots of power and person has made for the correct pocket rocket on account that 1959.

outside layout

To mark the occasion in the nice way possible and in a way that helps portray the MINI emblem for all its glory, they have got teamed up with Body & Soul Music and Arts Festival (in its tenth 12 months!) to move all out.

MINI and Body & Soul are on a project to discover an innovative who can place their abilities to paintings. They want to collaborate with YOU and provide you with the maximum exquisite, creative, appropriate-vibe MINI installation areas inside the woods of Ballinlough itself.

The artist selected will acquire a €10,000 layout bursary to develop the brand new installation at Body & Soul, plus weekend tickets to Body & Soul for them AND their crew!

They’ll be searching out the region to apply space creatively (the subject matter being: Creative Use of Space) and turn out to be a focus, both day and night time, for photos, talks, and discussions among pageant-goers.

The whole concept is to have all people’s eyes drawn to the layout, have them intrigued by the architecturally fascinating 360-degree piece, take cues from the logo’s history and background, plus encapsulate the MINI brand whilst blending harmoniously with Body & Soul’s 2019 theme – ‘Ritual.’

So if you assume you’ve got the talent to design an architecturally inspiring piece, discover greater HERE, and you may input by way of registering HERE. (Submissions nearby April 14, 23: fifty-nine.)

Submissions could be assessed with the aid of representatives from MINI, Body & Soul’s Head of Design Mary Pike, and Nathalie Weadick, Director of the Irish Architecture Foundation. Outline what you have in mind and make certain to shape a diffusion of procedures and reveal how you have considered the gap’s look and use.

The triumphing applicant could have a guide and understanding from Body & Soul’s Head of Design. They will liaise at once with you to ensure the most expert and fantastic execution of the winning submission.

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