Leading NCWV’s construction industry for the reason that 1987


The Huffman Corp. Of Bridgeport is among North Central West Virginia’s most well-reputable construction corporations.

Since 1987, the agency has been recognized for its customer support, fair enterprise practices, and innovation construction in all aspects of the contracting enterprise.

Owner Wayne Huffman stated the firm was based by his father, Edward, and commenced as a small 5-guy operation.

Huffman assumed agency control in 2000 and has overseen more than 700 tasks throughout a seven-county area, including church buildings, colleges, workplaces, and private homes.

“I’ve continually loved building matters, and I even have experience within the production and building trades,” he said. “I’ve always liked being able to stand back and observe something you’ve constructed and notice the difference you’ve made.”

While producing pinnacle-notch tasks has continually been the enterprise’s most important goal, Huffman said his enterprise is pushed to aid the values instilled in him by using his mother and father.

“Quality has always been at the leading edge; however, honesty and integrity were always taught to me with the aid of my parents once I changed into growing up,” he said. “That’s sincerely why I’ve been in business for 31 years, due to strong, excellent principles that are truly easy to comply with. If you usually do the work higher than expected, you may continually have paintings.”

The employer prides itself on being a one-stop shop where customers can visit and handle everything of their mission wishes using a single crew. Whether it’s construction control, trendy contracting, or a layout-to-construct venture, Huffman Corp. has the information and experience to finish the activity.

Project Manager Mark Eli stated that the organization has built its reputation over many years by prioritizing customer wants and needs.

“I think we’re just extra honest than a lot of contractors obtainable, and we’re simply honest with our customers, and that makes them sense at ease,” he stated. “We’re in advance — we display overhead and profit and the whole thing that we do on a spreadsheet so that they understand precisely what we’re going to make and what our expenses are. There isn’t something hidden, and they recognize what they’re getting for the money they’re spending.”

In 2007, while watching T.V. with his wife, Huffman said he became stimulated to lend his employer’s competencies and offerings to neighborhood citizens by working with the display “Extreme Home Makeover.”

“We have been sitting there looking at the display, and I told my spouse, ‘Wouldn’t it be great so that it will build something like that for a needy family?'” he said.

After being decided on by the show’s producers, Huffman and his corporation undertook a reputedly impossible venture: constructing a domestic in only five days for a Fairmont family.

“You ought to get the whole thing donated without spending a dime, after which pay what’s left over. It took about a month of planning and time to get anyone worried and in line,” he stated. “It went perfectly, and it was completed in 5 days. I got to satisfy loads of giving humans, and it virtually broadened my courting with human beings around right here, and we were given to recognize quite a few humans.”

The enjoyment showed him there are opportunities to use his agencies to better others’ lives, Huffman stated.

“It gave me a platform to talk about how the Lord works for your lifestyles and suggests to humans that a person from Lost Creek can be blessed sufficiently if you want to do an assignment like that,” he stated. “It’s not about me because God is liable for the entirety.”

Due to performing on “Extreme Home Makeover,” Huffman said the agency has persisted in assisting several causes and activities, including Fest in Clarksburg and numerous neighborhood charities benefitting kids.

“People are people, and you’ve just been given to deal with human beings properly,” he stated. “Just do the subsequent proper factor is what I continually say.”

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