CARBIOS Awarded a Solar Impulse “Efficient Solution” Label


A corporation pioneering new, bio-industrial solutions to reinvent the lifecycle of plastic and fabric polymers, introduced these days it is venerated to acquire the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label1 recognizing it’s limitless plastic recycling era. The Solar Impulse Foundation ambitions to choose and promote worldwide 1 000 economically worthwhile answers to defend the environment. This label is awarded to improvements that combine technical feasibility standards, nice social and environmental effect and financial profitability.

As member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, CARBIOS has submitted for labeling its enzymatic recycling technology which permits a round financial system of plastics. Since its creation, CARBIOS is dedicated to leveraging generation that blessings society and the surroundings. This label serves as popularity for paintings addressing global environmental issues, enhancing sustainable electricity use, reducing carbon pollution, and helping reap the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals2. Products, services, easy technologies and strategies that receive this label have confirmed profitability capability and sustained monetary growth, whilst protective the surroundings and optimizing using herbal resources.



While common recycling methods used today only permit certain plastics the 2nd existence, CARBIOS has evolved a progressive method that allows for a limitless loop of recyclability for PET-based plastics. Moreover, CARBIOS’ era is removing the want to apply fossil sources to create virgin plastic. Based on the use of exceedingly specific enzymes, this era breaks down PET plastic waste into its authentic constructing blocks, which may be used to provide tremendous PET plastic. By creating around economic system from used plastics and fibers, CARBIOS’ limitless recycling generation brings a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that paves the manner for 100% recycled PET content material in new merchandise.

Jean-Claude Lumaret, CEO of CARBIOS, remarks, “We would really like to thank the Solar Impulse Foundation for awarding our endless plastic recycling technology its “Efficient Solutions” Label. This innovation has made it possible, for the primary time, for all sorts of PET plastics and polyester fibers to be recycled repeatedly. This label acknowledges CARBIOS’ era as a sustainable and aggressive answer for agencies looking to interact a responsible transition closer to around economy.”

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CARBIOS is an inexperienced chemistry enterprise whose improvements provide solutions to the environmental and sustainable improvement problems producers presently face. Since its founding in 2011, the organization has evolved business-scale organic processes for the organic breakdown and recycling of polymers. These specific innovations help optimize the overall performance and existence cycle of plastics and textiles through capitalizing at the properties of in particular decided on enzymes. CARBIOS’s monetary growth version is primarily based on the industrial roll-out and sale of its products, enzymes, technology, and organic processes thru direct license agreements or joint ventures, to foremost players inside the fields to whom they would most advantage. To that give up, CARBIOS based the joint task CARBIOLICE in 2016, in partnership with Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients and the SPI fund, run via Bpifrance. This company, wherein CARBIOS holds a controlling proportion, will marketplace the first era certified by using CARBIOS with the aid of generating enzyme pellets used inside the manufacturing of biodegradable and bio-sourced plastics. Since its founding, CARBIOS has been sponsored by way of Truffle Capital, a European funding capital player. CARBIOS qualifies as an “Innovative Company” in step with Bpifrance, which makes the enterprise’s stocks eligible for inclusion in innovation-targeted mutual finances (FCPIs).