Cancer treatment leaves Post Falls mom of three allergic to domestic’s floors


Update: KHQ’s Hayley Guenthner says the response to assist this own family has been overwhelming. Fortunately, they have determined the pleasant in shape, and a set up for the brand new flooring is about to start next week.

Previous coverage: POST FALLS, Idaho. — A mom of three is inside the conflict for her lifestyle after being recognized with an unprecedented most cancers. Her remedy’s abnormal facet effect left her affected by excessive allergies, triggered by way of her carpet.

The family right now ripped it out and discovered alternative flooring; however, their plan for set up fell via. Right now, most people of their home is right down to the sub-ground. With each spare penny going in the direction of treatment, friends of the family said, “Help Me, Hayley.”

Cancer treatment leaves Post Falls mom of three allergic to domestic's floors 1

“I even have 3 kids,” said Rachelle Now. “They are 12, 10 and five. They are a handful. We’re attending to the stop of the college yr. We have massive kindergarten graduation next week.”

Rachelle wears so many hats. She’s a mother, spouse, prepares dinner, distinctive homework helper, practice chauffeur, and now one more—cancer patient.

“In September, I become identified with a rare form of strange spinal meningioma,” she said.

And similar to that, Rachelle determined herself combating for some other day.

“We’ve long gone through the normal course of treatment and haven’t had several luck with something. Through which you have all your facet consequences from chemo and radiation.

Nausea, exhaustion, she’s had the whole lot, you’ll assume, however additionally, a symptom she wasn’t organized for.

“The winter into the spring, I evolved a few severe allergies,” she stated. “It becomes essentially like I became allergic to my residence.”

Doctors told her they suspected it turned into their carpet.

“I broke out in an unpleasant crimson rash as I sat inside the carpet,” she stated. “It went all of the ways up my leg. When we ripped all of it out, we will begin in one room and go to the next. I became waking up, and my eyes would be swollen close.”

Friends and family helped them get the worst of it out of their domestic. Pros advised her to replace it with bamboo flooring.

“I determined it at a pretty proper fee,” she said. “We had been fortunate.”

Money is tight. With previous treatments no longer creating a dent in her tumor, Rachelle has become to non-conventional techniques. A lot of these aren’t blanketed with the aid of insurance and are very high-priced. They had been counting on a chum to help them deploy the brand new floors totally free, but that fell thru. Rachelle’s dad and mom say looking at their daughter worry about yet another factor is heart-wrenching.

“You simply try to stay superb and suppose the excellent mind,” Scott Marlow said. “We’re simply hoping the subsequent time we get information; it will likely be excellent news.”

It was co-employees of Scott’s who reached out to our Hayley. One of the messages Hayley obtained approximately this reads in part:

I am writing on behalf of pals and colleagues of Scott Marlow, 0.33-grade trainer at Adams Elementary within the Central Valley School District. Scott’s daughter, Rachelle, becomes identified in August 2018 with a rare Atypical Spinal Meningioma in her decreased lumbar. She is one of 12 humans, national, affected by this uncommon form of cancer. The cancer is inoperable and has now not been aware of chemo and radiation. Rachelle (age 31) has three school-age children, and her husband works out of the country and is a domestic simplest 10 days a month.

Here is one of the circles of relatives’ concerns. Rachelle has had severe reactions to chemical compounds in her everyday living environment. The carpet in her domestic wishes to be replaced, as it’s miles causing severe allergic reactions. The wish is to replace about 1500 rectangular ft of carpet with non-chemical flooring, in all likelihood timber, consisting of bamboo. The out of pocket fees for the circle of relatives are large. Immune-Therapy injections are $5000.00 per month. Despite her occasions, Rachelle maintains a positive outlook, maintains to paintings toward a nursing diploma, continues a right away income position with AdvoCare, and reaches out to assist others.

While the Spokane Valley Eagles will be setting on a fundraiser on June 8th, if there’s whatever you could do to assist with replacing the flooring, it might be extremely preferred.

Thank you for your consideration in helping this young female and her circle of relatives.”

Right away, Hayley got at the case. Scott says he’s so thankful for each person inclined to assist.

“I’ve been a trainer at Adams for 18 years,” he stated. “They are a high-quality organization of human beings.”

They’re all hoping through Hayley; they can locate one among you who will provide this mother her home lower back.