Best Email Practices for Mortgage Loan Officers


Email marketing is one of the oldest means of reaching prospects. Every other new invention seems like toppling it without success. Emails always find a way through. It remains relevant even in the age of phone calls, social media, and other online advertising channels.

The use of email marketing is instead growing as the real estate sector embraces online interactions. Everything from finding clients to contacting and negotiating happens online. All these happens through email.

That’s why you need stellar email marketing practices. Using the right mailing tips comes with more success and increased return on investments (ROI).

Here are some of the practices and ideas for successful email marketing for loan officers;

Best Email Practices for Mortgage Loan Officers 1

Emails, like any other form of communication, have rules. Missing out on the rules works as noise in communication. You will end up not gaining the necessary action from the receiver. In this case, you won’t sell your property.

The top of the rules is to use appropriate language. Do not mislead the potential client by use of slang or other unknown or offensive languages. The mail must adhere to business standards and ethics. Avoid promising rates and terms that don’t qualify for. Neither should you offer terms and rates you cannot deliver.

  • Have a CTA clause

Every direct email you send a reaction you expect from the reader. The only way to get the reader to react is by including a call to action (CTA) clause. It is the way to direct the reader on what to do next.

If you fail to direct the client, then maybe the mortgage direct mail marketing is not for you. You should be out there sending comic pieces to cheer up readers. Some of the CTA to use for the mails are clicking on the link to new listings. You can also let them tell you what they are looking for in the market.

You can also refer them back to your mortgage blog or website.

  • Not every email should be about selling.

With the CTA, some traders only believe it is time for sales. That is the quickest way to lose your audience. They will start believing you only value them for their money.

Vary the content when you plan a direct mail marketing campaign. Other times send them newsletters. Other times you can only be given industry updates. Whatever you do, keep informative and regular. For that, they have you in mind and know you value them for more.

  • Think outside the usual recipients

Most real estate agents tend to become comfortable with an assured audience. They know they can rely on former clients, friends, family, or other real estate agents. That is how most end up not maximizing the potential earnings.

The best strategy is to look got what other people might need and reach out. Even though it has high rejection rates, it comes with better prospects.

Bottom Line

Email marketing is one of the successful customer reach media. It is why it stays relevant even after other inventions shake the market. Use these tips for a successful email marketing strategy as a mortgage loan officer.