Beats Powerbeats Pro overview


The Good The Powerbeats Pro has higher sound and battery life than the AirPods and will stay in your ears securely. They offer all the equally simple conveniences of the 2019 AirPods, such as speedy pairing, rock-stable wi-fi connectivity, and an always-on Siri voice reputation for iOS users. Phone call high-quality is extraordinary. Physical buttons for music playback control will attract Android customers.

The Bad The Powerbeats Pro are more luxurious than AirPods. The charging case isn’t pocket-pleasant, nor does it offer wi-fi charging. The headphones supply a few treble pushes and may not perfectly shape all ears. Bottom Line: If you may overlook the jumbo charging case and high price, the Powerbeats Pro real wireless headphones are advanced to the AirPods in a few key methods.

I’ll lay it properly obtainable: The diploma to which you’ll like the new Powerbeats Pro, Beats’ first real wireless earphones, will largely depend on how properly they shape your ears. Suppose you get comfortable and healthy with a tight seal from one of the four distinctive-sized blanketed silicon hints. In that case, you may, in all likelihood, love those headphones and sense OK approximately, losing $250 (£220, $AU350) on them. You end up with something much less than that, and you could query their worth.


I got here near getting outstanding health. I could charge it between a B+ and A-. The issue wasn’t safety; I never needed to worry about them falling off. With a few tweaks to the iconic ear hooks — they’re bendable — the Powerbeats Pros were clipped onto my ears. I shot a few hoops with them on and suspected they had stayed on, although I became capable of a 360-degree slam dunk. (Alas, I am not.)

My little trouble: Even with the most important ear recommendations (sure, they may be big, but now not pretty massive sufficient), my ear canal wasn’t completely sealed off, so greater ambient noise leaked in than I might have favored, and sound high-quality turned into impacted in noisier environments — like at the subway or the streets of New York. I was in the minority, but. I had CNET colleagues who could get a decent seal and, although not the most effective, genuinely appreciated the fit; however, they were immediately impressed with the sound.

These fit me better and extra without problems than the sooner Powerbeats3 Wireless, which, unlike the Pro, has a wire connecting the left and right earbuds. And, in reality, the Powerbeats Pro had been engineered to be well suited with a higher percentage of ears than beyond Powerbeats. That’s because Beats, Apple owns, is delicate in its outdoor design. According to Beats, the Powerbeats Pro is 23% smaller than the Powerbeats3 and 17% lighter. They’re not rated as completely waterproof. However, they are sweat- and waterproof. With an IPX4 certification, they can be splashed from any route but could fail if sprayed with a sustained jet of water or submerged.

One element that is truly not compact is the charging case. Although it isn’t always heavy, it’s an amazing 3 to four instances of the dimensions of the AirPods ($140 at Amazon) charging case. It’ll leave quite a huge bulge in your pocket, so you’ll likely want to leave it in a bag or locker in the gymnasium. Considering those cost $250, it’d have been pleasant if Beats had thrown a shielding pouch to hold them around when you need to depart the charging case in the back. You may see 1/3-birthday party Powerbeats Pro pouches on Amazon quickly enough.

It’s also worth noting that the case doesn’t offer Wi-Fi charging, as the new AirPods Wireless Charging Case does. However, it does charge via a protected Lightning cable, which is higher than Micro-USB. Beats’ earlier BeatsX additionally charged through Lightning.

Big sound upgrade from AirPods

Beats say those guys use new upgraded piston drivers, which are imagined to reduce distortion. They sound substantially higher than the AirPods, which isn’t that excessive a bar to clear. However, the Powerbeats Pro delivers a richer, cleaner sound with bass. It is no longer only a lot larger but tighter. As I stated, a complete seal is vital to maximizing sound first-class with these noise-setting-apart headphones, so if the hints aren’t sitting snugly on your ear canals, you may lose a few basses.

In contrast, the AirPods have an “open” layout and sit extra loosely in your ears. As a result, they permit much greater ambient noise. Assuming you get that right seal, the Powerbeats Pro might be an awful lot better for, say, listening on an aircraft than the AirPods.