Arizona Dems Fundraise Off Plumbing Woes


The Arizona Democratic Party despatched out a fundraising e mail on Thursday to raise $2,800 to “repair the pipes” inside the guys’s lavatory at their kingdom headquarters.

Barbara Lubin, the operations supervisor of the Arizona Democratic Party, sent out a plea for Democrats to donate to assist fix the plumbing.

“There’s been a ton of terrific information in Arizona politics currently, so I hate to rain at the parade,” Lubin wrote. “But here at the AZ Dems headquarters, it is raining within the guys’ bathroom. Literally.”


“Every greenback we raised final month went instantly to Organize LOCAL grants to fund voter outreach in all 15 counties. But that leaves us with out a finances for plumbing maintenance, and it turns out, we need $2,800 to restoration the pipes,” the e-mail endured.

The Arizona Democratic Party took in $104,000 within the first three months of 2019 and spent $197,000. At the cease of March, its coins stability sat at $476,903.

“If we will carry in $2,800 with the aid of the following day, we can restoration the plumbing over the weekend without interrupting our paintings,” the email read. “Honestly, I do not know if our group of workers can pass some other week with those leaks! We need to consciousness on cleaning up Washington, now not cleaning up puddles.”

The link furnished within the email for human beings to donate goes to the ActBlue internet site. ActBlue, a federally registered political action committee, allows Democratic candidates to increase cash and saves donor emails for destiny fundraising efforts.

The Washington Free Beacon has formerly said on Democratic politicians and political motion committees the usage of ActBlue to acquire donor emails for destiny fundraising efforts.

ActBlue, launched in 2004, has known as itself “the web clearinghouse for Democratic action.”

“ActBlue is a nonprofit, building fundraising generation for the left,” the agency says on its website. “Democratic campaigns get more donations through ActBlue than any other platform.”

“A majority of Democratic Senate and House campaigns—in conjunction with the DCCC, DSCC, DGA, over one-0.33 of statewide campaigns, and advocacy corporations across the country—have selected ActBlue,” the website provides, noting that the employer has raised almost $three billion for “Democrats and progressive causes” in 14 years.

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