Animals can’t explicit, we can


My grandmother’s different day had advised me that someone turned into feeding a poisonous substance to a bull. I could not be aware of the alarm raised by way of her due to my checks. After some days, the bull changed into lifeless. Everybody inside the locality becomes cursing the person that fed the poisonous substance to that bull. However, nobody stopped it. The animals can not be specific to their grief as we people do. They grow to be irritated and then damage human beings. It is only our fault. I also witnessed a bad sight when officers stuck a dog in a net for vaccination. It turned into crying in ache as the net become tightened. After the vaccination pressure, puppies grow to be violent and bite people. Common people and officers need to be considerate towards animals and their struggles. — Jaspreet Singh

Issues in Aerocity


Residents of Block F, Aerocity, are going through major issues inside the locality. Stray cattle and dogs roam within the streets. Cow and sheep around, and there may be no person to stop their access. No one is willing to pick useless animals from the region. No Municipal Council is representing the area, and as a result, no anti-mosquito spraying has been executed. Property sellers and others use streetlights poles and electricity panels without cost advertising. It affects in defacement of the area. Construction fabric is piled up on roads. Building transient huts alongside the roads is another issue. Unauthorized tea stalls/tent stores are abundant in the locality. There aren’t any roads, and the shortage of right to get admission from the primary street is forcing residents to make illegal turns, which have ended in injuries within the beyond. The streets are muddy, and the dust causes allergic reactions and sinus issues. — RS Kang

Theft hazard at the parking lot in Sector 17

I park my automobile almost every day at the multi-stage parking in Sector 17, Chandigarh. There is the responsibility of two individuals to collect parking fee and problem receipts. But most of the instances, there’s no one to acquire the receipt whilst taking the exit. The receipts of the final six days are in my possession. No vehicle must be allowed to go out until taking the slip back and matching the registration wide variety. Immediate motion is required to keep away from any theft. — Balbir Singh Gulati

Cycle song blocked

The branches of a tree located along the cycle music near the Sector 18 electricity station have overgrown that it hard for cyclists and pedestrians to move on the music. The government should prune the branches straight away to keep away from a mishap, mainly at night. — Harsimran Singh Thu

Check to beg

The city police must have a test on beggars, particularly at light-factors. There is an outstanding chance to the lifestyles of beggars and unnecessary involvement in litigation to motorists. The government ought to, without delay, take strict action to drive away these beggars from mild-points to avoid untoward incidents. — Sukhpal Singh

Eco-pleasant steps

Do we take it as a wake-up call? Do we retain to sleep over it? The problem nonetheless maintains, and that is a by no means finishing trouble. Global Warming! Years have handed, and nonetheless, no longer tons have been achieved. Do humans keep away from excessive use of air conditioners and refrigerators, or has each person ever even attempted to plant timber? How a lot of us have initiated carpools? Let’s not maintain crying due to a 48 diploma Celsius because we’re blamed for it. — Arjun Bedi

Is a civic issue bothering you? Are you agitated over the lack of problem? Is there something heartening that you are feeling wishes to be highlighted? Or a picture which, in your opinion, needs to be seen by way of many, and no longer simply you?