AdHawk raises $13M as it expands into the flooring enterprise


Why is an adtech startup going after the floors industry?

That changed into my large query once I got on the smartphone with AdHawk CEO Todd Saunders and COO Dan Pratt. The company introduced earlier this week that it’s raised a $thirteen million Series B round of investment together with the release of a brand new website, FlooringStores.

“We examine AdHawk because the umbrella business enterprise,” Saunders defined. “Our core is a virtual marketing employer that’s built very strong gadget studying. Now FloorForce is the emblem we’re using to go after with the floors vertical.”


FloorForce is really a current AdHawk acquisition, presenting a diffusion of virtual services for floors agencies — no longer just AdHawk’s forte of Facebook and Google marketing, but also website constructing, popularity management and chatbots. FlooringStores, meanwhile, is the customer-going through the facet of the enterprise, an internet site in which homeowners looking for flooring offerings can browse extraordinary carriers

Saunders said FloorForce’s capacity purchaser base includes the 20,000 unbiased floors organizations within the United States, all in an enterprise that, in his words, “hasn’t been touched by generation.”

Pratt introduced, “The sizeable majority of these retailers want to be satisfied why … websites are important — or if they have one, it becomes built in 1997, that’s glaringly a truly terrible revel in for consumers. In the identical communication where we’re pitching those websites for our outlets, we’re speaking to them about different opportunities, like chatbots, and the universe of what is viable for these parents is magnified via 10x.”

Ultimately, Saunders and Pratt stated they’re hoping to take a comparable method and make bigger into different home provider verticals, all whilst taking gain of the purchaser statistics gathered through AdHawk and FloorForce.

RedHawks Series B changed into led through Entrée Capital, with participation from Table Management, Accomplice and others. The startup has now raised a complete of $17.7 million, and Pratt said it’s been developing fast — going from 30 personnel a 12 months ago to more than one hundred presently, with the purpose of drawing close a headcount of 200 by the quiet of the yr.

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