A New Company Making Custom, English-Style Kitchens Available a la Carte


The story of a new custom cabinetry organization involves a career alternate, a magnifying glass, and a journey via Amish us.

In 1983, Jean Stoffer went to work as an admin for a Chicago designer quickly after graduating with a business degree. After some years, she discovered herself more attracted to the design paintings than the administrative and started her personal company, which has become regarded for its kitchen design. Now, a few decades later, she’s making her style of custom kitchen broadly available via Stoffer Home Cabinetry.

The enterprise, which launched last week, uses Stoffer’s kitchen understanding, her love for English-style cabinetry, and her tough-gained producer: a workshop in rural midwestern Amish us of a.



Stoffer’s fascination with kitchen layout started soon after she began her own company. “I step by step became aware that kitchens were my sweet spot,” the clothier tells House Beautiful. “I’m a great deal more of an analytical mind, and kitchens need to be so specific and contain a lot of mechanicals and shifting components.”

As a fashion designer, she knew form became as critical as characteristic, and Stoffer determined that the typical options in the U.S. Had been lacking. She stumbled upon the British fashion of kitchen cabinetry, which commonly capabilities flush-inset doorways, in place of the overlaid styles greater not unusual in American houses. “I might buy British kitchen layout magazines and take a look at them, using a magnifying glass,” the clothier recalls.

She turned into determined to create her very own. “At the time, I become in Chicago, and I knew of an Amish network invaluable Illinois, and I went down there because they’re known for their cupboard-making competencies,” the clothier recollects. Since the Amish shun electronics—which include phones—Stoffer and her husband went door-to-door inquiring till they located a craftsman willing to take on the mission.

“That becomes 1991, and he has made every single kitchen of mine due to the fact than,” Stoffer says. “It’s my mystery sauce.”

Now, humans other than Stoffer’s indoors design customers have the chance to get a number of that secret sauce, thanks to the designer’s new custom kitchen version. “We located that such a lot of human beings have been inquiring about it, however as a custom layout firm, we can’t handle all the paintings that are coming to our manner,” the dressmaker explains. “We commenced supposing, what if we broaden a line it really is very curated, enough to do an incredible English-style kitchen however that doesn’t require going to the overall specific layout?”

Enter Stoffer Home Cabinetry.

So how does it paint? Interested customers can review Stoffer’s comprehensive brochure, whole along with her considerate election of finishes (four kinds of wood and 12 paints) and hardware, and calculate the cost using the pricing guide. They will then publish measurements and modern-day pics in their home to Stoffer’s team, who will put together a layout notion and get again to the patron with a layout charge (which may be placed towards the very last value). Once a deposit is obtained, the thought is despatched to the cupboard maker, who starts paintings on the mission.

Unlike many cabinetmakers, who handiest provide customization in 3-inch increments, Stoffer Home Cabinetry is customizable right down to the unmarried inch. “It’s a curated line; however, it is sufficient to really fit a kitchen properly,” says Stoffer. “And for what it’s miles, it’s a notable cost.”